How many self-adhesive labels will you see today? If you are not thinking about it, you probably will not notice just how frequently you encounter the most popular label type on a daily basis. However, if you do consider the matter a bit, you will likely discover that you are almost awash in a sea of this popular labelling format.

Self-adhesive labels are probably visibly located on many of the groceries you buy. Although some retailers are moving toward insertable label systems where a price and barcode is mounted to shelving right alongside products, others remain true to the longstanding practice of having a person with a label gun mark inventory with prices.

We also encounter self-adhesive labels directly on many of the consumer products we buy. Permanent and removable self-adhesive labels adorn many popular items. Sometimes, these labels will provide important safety warnings or usage instructions.

Self-adhesive labels also end up in the hands of children in the form of stickers. Kids love stickers. They decorate papers with them and collect them. They are available in patterns related to almost every possible hobby or activity. Almost every child seems to take a great deal of joy in self-adhesive stickers.

There are other examples, as well. Removable in-store coupons, CD and DVD labels, post-it notes and host of other self-adhesive labels are parts of our everyday life. Self-adhesives are also used in the industrial sector with increasing regularity due to their one piece nature and resulting efficiency.

There are many different types of labels, but self-adhesive labels are undoubtedly the most common variety. In fact, we see so many of them that we fail to even take notice.

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