Every business has its own special jargon and label printing is no exception. Professional label printers use terms and phrases that sound foreign to those of us who are not involved in the industry. A label printer develops this particularized vocabulary over a long period of study and experience. This article will not allow you to pass as a pro label printer, but it will provide a fun look at some interesting expressions from the printing industry.

Holidays are not fun.

For a label printer, a “holiday” is not a vacation or a special celebration. Instead, the expression is used to refer to small defects in certain kinds of tape that can decrease the overall strength of the product. This expression is often used by printers who deal with harsh environment labelling where the strength of product can be quite important and in situations where tape must be strong enough to prevent the transfer of electrical current.

Fisheyes are annoying.

“Fisheyes” are annoying, but they are not proof of a defective label. A label printer uses the term “fisheye” to refer to very small pockmarks on a label. They are usually caused when air becomes trapped between layers in a roll of labels or tape. They might be frustrating to a perfectionist, but they are not considered evidence of a quality shortcoming.

Beware of the latent stain.

“Latent stains” do not appear until after a label is removed. When the remaining adhesive is exposed to heat, sunlight or another force, discoloration may occur on the surface to which the label had been applied. A label printer never wants to be taken by surprise by “latent staining.”

A butt cut has limitations.

When labels are “butt cut,” it means they are separated by a cut to the labels’ liner. There is no working area between individual labels when they are “butt cut.” A label printer knows that putting “butt cut” labels into an automatic dispenser just will not work. That “butt cut” construction limits the labels’ use.

Butt cuts, latent stains, fisheyes and holidays are only the beginning. Whether discussing oozing, pinholes, bursting strength or creep, a label printer will often be using a jargon that can confuse the rest of us.

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