Samuel Jones has expanded its range of direct thermal self-adhesive label materials with the addition of two new laminates.

Taktik Thermprint Semi-Top is a white woodfree direct thermal paper with a thermosensitive surface coating which turns black when heated. Providing extremely fast thermal response, it creates sharp black images at low energy levels. Graphic print quality is excellent by both rotary or flat-bed letterpress or flexography and the paper surface is also UV varnishable.

Thermprint Semi-Top’s surface layer provides, for a limited period, some protection from food industry contaminates such as moisture, grease and fats. For relatively undemanding applications – but not for highly plasticised surfaces – it offers an alternative, higher resistance top coated direct thermal labelling options.

Taktik Thermprint Economy is a non top coated European sourced grade. It promises a fast thermal response and is pre-printable by rotary and flat-bed letterpress or flexography. Thermprint Economy is ideal for both short-term industrial bar coding and in-store price/weigh scale labels where there is no requirement for surface protection against moisture, grease or through contact with packaging plastics or film.

Both new Thermprint Semi-Top and Thermprint Economy incorporate Taktik type 10 glassine papers which, with their high visible light transparency and IR transmission characteristics, ensure consistent label recognition through appropriate price/weigh scales and bar code printers.

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