There are three kinds of label applicator machines in the market: Manual, semi-automatic and automatic. Each one of these is designed for a specific purpose and niche market. After all, the label applicator industry is influenced by the same variables than the rest of the economy: supply and demand.

However, how can a business determine what kind of label applicator is convenient for it? Does it need an automatic label applicator? Maybe it only requires the characteristics of a semi-automatic label applicator. And what if it needs to expand its operation due to an increase in the demand? Does it have to buy another label applicator machine or can it look for a company that provides label applicator services?

The first rule of thumb when buying a label applicator machine is to determine the volume of work. That is, how much labels are going to be applied. If you need to apply millions of labels per month, then you will require a big label applicator system.

Another thing to consider is what kind of labels is your label applicator going to use: plastic, paper or RFID technology? The label applicator is adjusted to the needs of each material. And, it also depends on the kind of product that the label is going to be applied onto. It can be a round, squared or oval object.

With all of that information, any supplier of label applicator machines will be able to tell you if you need a manual, semi automatic or automatic label applicator. Who knows, maybe you don’t need a label applicator after all, only a company that can provide you the service. If you don’t have the space or if you don't have the money for investing in a label applicator, that may be your best course of action.

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