is a key component to many businesses, and it seems as though more and more individuals are producing and commissioning labels every day. Unfortunately, many of those people commit common label printing errors. Let’s look at three common label printing errors to avoid.

Deficient Quality

In hopes of saving a few dollars on a label printing project, many buyers have ordered or produced lower quality labels, believing they will be adequate for their needs only to later experience dissatisfaction with the results. Although cost-consciousness is important to business, one shouldn’t compromise too much on quality. A deficient label can be more expensive in the long run due to lost sales and the need to upgrade from the original error at a later date.

Failure to Meet Compliance Standards

Many industries and trading partners require compliance labelling. Label printing must be done in a manner that meets all regulatory and compliance requirements. In too many cases, one will overlook some of these requirements in a rush to get their labels created. The results can be disastrous. Anyone performing or outsourcing label printing should be absolutely certain their labels meet standards.

Poor Design

Not all labels are created equal. Factors such as overall attractiveness, readability and usability are important and can distinguish a winning label solution from a disaster. Label printing should be conducted with design in mind, as well as cost and quality. Everyone doing or commissioning label printing should be concerned with attractive design.

Luckily, these three common label printing errors are avoidable. With a little foresight, one can hurdle these label printing pitfalls successfully and produce labels that will more than adequately meet their needs.

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