There are a million and one ways to produce a label, it would seem. Label printers are churning out brightly collared embossed foil labels. They are making holographic three-dimensional labels. They are producing cold and hot weather-resistant labelling. They are even printing labels in Braille. However, there are still a few types of printed labels that are a little more common than some of those exotic varieties!

First, is probably the most basic label of all, the return address label. Many businesses rely on envelopes of different sizes and shapes. They use millions of these address-printed labels every year. These printed labels are also popular with home users who do not feel they can justify the purchase of pre-printed envelopes for their letters and bill payments.

Second, printed labels featuring prices are quite common. These printed labels are used in retail situations and on millions of products every day. When someone talks about a label, he or she is often talking about a price tag simply because they are so ubiquitous.

Third, those who send out products and materials often use printed labels during the process. Shipping labels are often no-frills affairs, but they can be critical to a business’ success.

Label makers are producing everything from smart labels and labels with RFID technology embedded within them to labels featuring special adhesives for hard to handle textures.

However, the printed labels most of use on a daily basis are still the industry’s “bread and butter.” Address labels, price labels and shipping labels still constitute a significant percentage of labelling. Although labellers can do a lot more, they still produce countless variations of these common printed labels annually.

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