The term “label applicator” can mean very different things depending upon who is using it and under what circumstances it is being uttered. Although any label applicator has one thing in common (it puts labels in place), there are some very different types in use. Let’s look at three different label applicator options.

First, there is the industrial label applicator. This is probably the model most people think of when they hear mention of a “label applicator.” These high-tech tools affix labels to products or packaging in factor situations. They are capable of handling large volume jobs flawlessly.

Second, there is the CD label applicator. These items, which are generally handheld and not much bigger than a jewel box, are used to apply adhesive labels to compact disks and DVDs. More and more people are recording information on these media, and an industry has grown to provide labelling solutions for those looking to better organize their data, movies, photos and music.

Third, there is the handheld label applicator. These tools are usually used to apply labels to items after manufacturing. This category of label applicator would include everything from a trigger-based pricing gun for a retail store to special long-handled applicators designed for the placement of labels in hard to reach areas.

There are many kinds of label applicator devices. These three categories are not necessarily comprehensive, as there are so many different uses for labels and those in the industry are always trying to make the process more efficient. However, industrial, CD and handheld label applicator types are all quite common. When you say “label applicator,” you can mean any of those options!

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