A label applicator can be more complicated than initially understood as there are certain aspects to look at when purchasing a label applicator. Some vendors require strict labelling requirements using a certain type of label applicator, but a company may require a label applicator that is versatile for all kinds of printing options. A print-and-apply label applicator is offers the versatility of printing labels wherever and whenever and on the go. However, this kind of label applicator will not work for some larger vendors that require the label applicator to comply with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) labelling systems. Also, a smaller print-and-apply label applicator will not be as efficient for large tasks and a fully automatic label applicator that can print a wide range of sizes and speeds for labels.

Label applicators that print Radio Frequency Identification labels allow the labels to have track more information and offer more security measures. When producing a large volume and shipping to vendors that require such a label, purchasing a label applicator that prints RFID labels is necessary.

In addition to the kind of labels available, there are also models of label applicators that are manual, semi-automatic, and automatic. Clearly, an automatic label applicator will be able to handle a heavier load of labels than a manual label applicator, but the price will reflect this difference. An automatic label applicator will also be more precise with the placement of a label which can be an issue for some vendors. A manual label applicator requires that the user place the label on the package by hand.

A label applicator is necessary in today’s world of business as the labels allow companies to track packages and most vendors require that the products sold in their retails outlets have labels placed with a label applicator. When purchasing a label applicator, keep in the mind the size of the business and the requirement for the number of labels printed when purchasing a label applicator.

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