Self adhesive labels
come in all shapes, sizes and colours. They are used for a wide array of purposes, ranging from product pricing and identification to children’s sticker books. Different applications require the use different types of self-adhesive labels. Consider some of the most common types of self-adhesive stickers and their general properties:

Permanent adhesives are used when a label is to be placed and no subsequent removal is planned. Generally, these labels require the use of a solvent for total removal and removal will often tear the printed stock atop the adhesive. These are least expensive labels to produce.

Semi-permanent self adhesive labels use a glue that allows for repositioning of the label for a period of time after application. Eventually (usually within two or three days) the adhesive sets and becomes permanent.

Other applications necessitate the use of a label that can easily be removed without leaving residue on the area to which it was applied and/or without tearing the label’s stock. These are termed removable self adhesive labels. They adhere well enough to stay in place during normal use and handling, but can still be removed with a simple pull.

Special situations call for special labels. An example of this is the freezer permanent label. These labels feature a special adhesive designed to remain in place even during exposure to extreme temperatures. Standard glues will often fail to adhere in these circumstances.


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