Labels are everywhere, and behind every label, there’s a label manufacturer. A label manufacturer is the producer of different kinds of labels, specifically designed to suit the needs of the client.

To understand what a label manufacturer does we should fist know clearly what do labels are. Labels are any kind of tag attached to something with adhesive. Its purpose is to identify the object, its contents, or any other useful information like price or expiration date.

The label market is in constant growth, and that’s not a surprise. The market demands more and better labels, and a label manufacturer must be able to produce whatever kind of labels his client requests.

But what kind of labels can a label manufacturer produce? Basically, labels are differentiated by the materials the label manufacturer used in their making, but also by other factors like the adhesive.

With that many combinations, a label manufacturer can create infinity of different labels. A label manufacturer first produces the stock of a designated material through the use of expensive industrial machinery called label converters. The label manufacturer introduces his specific requirements in the converter. In this way, the label manufacturer can choose the exact size, shape and colour of a label stock.

The label manufacturer offers his client different presentations of the stock, which can be either in rolls or folded. The client can also ask the label manufacturer for other features. Label converters can present a fully printed product, but sometimes the client asks the label manufacturer for clear stocks so he can cover this process on his own.

So if you are thinking that your company might need the service of a label manufacturer, remember not to limit your choice by the standards. A label manufacturer can do virtually any label you can imagine.

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