There are many times we will see a printed label and think absolutely nothing of it. Labels are ubiquitous these days, and it takes something special for them to stick out to us. Consider, for instance, these three unexpected uses for printed labels. When you see labels used in these ways, you just cannot help but take notice!

First, how about Braille labels? Advances in printing technology have made it possible to make completely legible Braille labels. Although perfectly reasonable and logical, most of us have not seen them before. When we do, we will undoubtedly be taken aback by this interesting printed label application.

Second, many labels can be used to provide information before and after a sale. We are, of course, referring to RFID and smart labels. These labels provide a great deal of data about during the actual sales transaction and afterwards. Printed labels are definitely going high tech. This is one of the most rapidly growing portions of the printed label market.

Third, in addition to better technological performance, printed labels are also boasting better aesthetics than ever before. Who would have thought about putting a holograph on a label, for instance? Or making labels out of gorgeous foils using embossment techniques? It is clear that the printed label is getting more and more attractive every day.

There are a few examples of how printed labels are being used in different and exciting ways. The labelling industry is not just a collection of printers churning out black and white material. Today’s labels are far more exiting and flexible that those of the past!

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