The most useful tool for organising your office and creating a successful workspace is the label. You waste more time in the office if things are misplaced, misfiled or mislabelled. Another reason for using labels is
safety. Labels on chemicals can prevent accidental ingestion of poisons, improper mixing of incompatible substances and the damage to surfaces if certain substances come into contact with them.

Labels are easily available in various shapes, sizes and colours and all business can buy labels cheaply and either locally or over the internet. There are a large number of software applications that can allow the business to customise the labels to fit any purpose they require. They can also purchase pre-printed labels for almost any use they may have. Address labels are commonly used to provide a pre printed self adhesive label to enable quick and easy addressing of packets or mail items.

These can be designed to match the business’s other printed stationery to provide a corporate image. Die-cut labels are available as both laser labels and inkjet labels, and commonly used for addressing purposes are 14 per sheet address labels, 16 per sheet address labels, 18 per sheet address labels and 21 per sheet address labels.

Colour coding using labels keep inventories efficiently organised, especially is parts which are very similar are stored close together and they could be easily mixed up. Safety procedures, training materials and other reference papers can be easily collected together in binders and organised with properly labelled dividers to prevent damage and keep the papers in order and easily found.

Proper labelling will increase productivity and enhance the image the business presents to its customers. Labels will help to increase the efficiency of the business and speed up the day-to-day work in the office and warehouse.

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