Slot barcode readers work in much the same way as other barcode reader except that they are usually stationary. Slot barcode readers are primarily used for scanning slim items along a narrow opening in the top or side of the barcode reader. Occasionally you will see a slot-style barcode reader that is portable, used mostly for security purposes at public areas or events.

You'll probably recognize the slot barcode readers as the machines you swipe your credit, debit or gift cards through at your local retail stores. Originally slot barcode readers only scanned the information but now technology has advanced to the point where your signature can be picked up by the barcode readers and make the process even quicker. The use of barcode readers in retail store checkout counters has gone a long way towards preventing unreasonably long lines and complicated credit card procedures.

Licenses and other mean of identification are frequently put through a slot barcode readers at airports, bus and train stations. These barcode readers are designed to capture and compare you identification with the information under your reservations. Hotels and fancy resorts sometimes use this barcode reader technology too in order to make your checking in easier and faster. Even rental car companies have started implementing slot barcode readers to track license and credit card information of their customers.

Universities use slot barcode readers to track students in the library, computer labs and other campus areas restricted to attendants of the college. Each student must apply for and be given a student ID card with a special student identification number is passed through a slot barcode readers and confirms the right of the individual to enter the campus areas

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