Desktop label printers
are specialized peripheral equipments quite similar to standard computers printers but with one significant difference: desktop label printers main function is to print labels in label material, cardboard or similar stock. The need of desktop label printers for an office or similar installation may not sound logical on a first glimpse (why have such a specialized piece of equipment), but desktop label printers have hundreds of uses in lots of common, everyday places like corner shops, small offices, warehouses or bus stations. We will discuss the most common uses of desktop label printers in order to clearly point out the usefulness of this accessory.

One of the most common business types where desktop label printers can be found is also the most common type of business around: the retail store. Whenever it specializes in groceries of hardware equipment, desktop label printers are commonly used in these shops for several reasons. Desktop label printers are very useful to print price labels, description tags, barcode labels and even special offer adhesive signs. You don’t need different desktop label printers to do all those; the same equipment can be used and the only thing that must be changed is the label stock being used. It’s no wonder then that almost any retail store has one or more desktop label printers with a good software configuration so it can be used for several different tasks.

Desktop label printers can also be found in great quantities in most types of warehouses. Big industrial-level warehouses will usually disdain the use of small desktop label printers and instead buy their bigger brothers, industrial label printers, but this just responds to the demand level natural to such a job size. Desktop label printers are really useful for cataloguing spare parts, bar-coding equipment or tools as well as labelling racks and specific locations in most warehouses. But one of the most interesting uses warehouses give to desktop label printers nowadays is to print Kanban cards, a technique developed by Japanese engineers in order to increase efficiency and reduce stock costs. Kanban cards printed with desktop label printers are used to coordinate an adequate flow of items (be it stock, tools or spare parts) around warehouses and this greatly helps reduce unnecessary delays in production.

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