A label applicator can print and apply labels to products. There are various types as one label applicator may dispense labels manually while another label applicator may be able to print automatically and quickly. If the purpose of the label applicator is for a job with a small volume of labels, then a basic electric label applicator that only dispenses and does not apply labels may be the right choice. This only works if there is not a need for perfect placement of the label because the user of the label applicator must place the label on the package or product by hand. The speed of using a simple electric label applicator depends mainly on the user of the product.

A more complicated label applicator would be a semi-automatic one that both prints and applies the labels. This kind of label applicator may be known as a “print-and-apply” model which is useful for last-second printing to apply labels anywhere at any time. A print-and-apply label applicator is useful for a business that produces has such a wide range of products that to print and store all labels in advance would be a daunting task. This kind of label applicator allows the user to change information on the label instantly.

An automatic label applicator is useful for high volume jobs. A machine determines the product type as it goes through a conveyer belt and attaches the label to the product in a precise location. This type of label applicator is the fastest one for tasks that require both accuracy and a large number of labels. Buying the right label applicator depends on the size of the company and the size of the job. One label applicator will fit in with a certain task better than another.

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