DTP/TTP - There are two types of label printing formats. Direct thermal label printers use a thermal print head, to print the image directly on to the label. The label is coated with special heat sensitive chemicals. Thermal transfer printers use an ink ribbon to transfer the image directly on to the label. These labels usually have a matte type finish. TTP's ribbon types have a variety of ink/resin/wax mixtures. Each ribbon type varies in cost, color, and image durability.

Desktop label printers are basically designed for light to medium duty usage with a roll of label stock up to 4 inches wide. They are quiet and inexpensive to use, but they are limited in speed and output.

Commercial label printers can typically hold a larger roll of stock, up to 8 inches wide, and are geared for medium volume printing. These are common in retail and merchandising operations.

Industrial label printers are designed for heavy duty, continuous operation in factories, warehouses, and distribution centers. They are indispensable for inventory control and shipping.

RFID readers are specialized label printers that encode and print at the same time on RFID transponders (tags) enclosed in paper or printable synthetic materials. RFID tags need to have printed information for backward compatibility with barcode scanner systems, and so that mere human can identify the tag.

Label printer applications are designed to automate the labelling process. These systems are common in warehousing and manufacturing facilities that require cases and pallets to be labelled for shipping. Label software is usually PC based and designed to create and/or format the printing of labels. The software can use "Windows" drivers or direct drivers embedded in the application software. The embedded software drivers are usually faster and provide better control of the printing results.

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