PSC’s bar code verification equipment is claimed the first in the world to conform with the newly established European CEN and ISO bar code quality standards.

The certification ensures that PSC’s equipment has been manufactured, calibrated and tested to conform with the specifications found in both the CEN ENV12647 standard as well as the current ISO 15426 standard. With immediate effect, the Certificate of Conformance/Celibration is issued with all PSC bar code verification equipment from the QC600 series, the QC800 series, and the QCPC600. These are the only bar code verifiers to have passed the conformance tests set down by European bar code standards committee (CEN) and ISO thus far.

Chairman of KTP Limited – UK master distributor and European Support Partner for the PSC range of bar code verification equipment, Harry Clark commented; ‘The optical geometry and the wave length achieved by this device as the user passes over the bar code being checked , means that it is the only piece of kit in the world right now that meets the required standards. The mousewand device exactly meets the requirements of the reference optical system specified in the newest European Standards have only just been published and the new ISO Standards are currently under development.’

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