A label applicator can vary with the way the machine applies the label to the product. A non-contact label applicator can be a “tamp-blow” type or an “air-blow” type. The type of non-contact label applicator determines the speed and size of labels that the label applicator prints. For example, a tamp-blow label applicator may be able to print labels up to 4.72 inches wide and an air-blow label applicator may be able to manage to print up to 1500 inches of label per minute and the label applicator produces labels between 4 inches wide and 5.5 inches wide.

Gentle-contact labelling is one kind of label applicator that actually touches the product by wiping the label onto the package. A label applicator with gentle-contact may also be able to handle sizes of up to 4.72 inches wide, and other models can handle up to 5.9 inches wide and 39 inches long. Various label applicator models can apply up to 2400 inches of label per minute, so each model of a label applicator has a different speed and size for various kinds of jobs.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) labels are also known as “smart labels” and are another kind of labels to consider when looking for a label applicator. The user can encode the label to follow along with data from the tracking system. Each label has a small chip and antenna which is encoded with Electronic Product Code (EPC) which is similar to UPC. An RFID label applicator will detect and reclaim labels that do not comply.

Along with these types of labelling, when looking for a label applicator, keep in mind the size of the task in hand and any necessary label applicator accessories. One label applicator may be entirely different than another label applicator so evaluate the situation first.

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