There are many styles of label printers on the market, choosing the bestlabel printer for your needs will take some time and forethought. You will need to ask yourself a few questions before you decide on the style of label printer. There are traditionally two styles the standalone units and the computer label printers. The standalone units allow you to take them with you wherever they are needed, while the computer label printers require a lot of extra equipment.

The standalone label printers are often used for shelf labels or pricing products. Standalone label printers allow you to be at the site you are labelling. They usually weigh three pounds and use a cassette like device that dispenses the label tape. The downside of
these units is the limit of size for label tapes and not being able to use a barcode. These label printers have an LCD screen where you can see what you have just typed. The keyboards are a little smaller than a computer keypad; however you have font style, size, backspace, and other options for typing the appropriate labels.

The computer label printers are a little more high tech, but come with a lot of extra equipment. They need software to work on the computer of your choice and a label printer. The type of label printer is up to you. These label printers will allow you to see what you are typing before it prints, as well as use barcodes. The size of label tape in
these label printers has a wider range. This software can also work with label sheets for mailing purposes.

Label printers will work for a variety of projects whether you are labelling medical specimens, pricing, or creating barcodes for products.
Label printers have a variety of label option from label tape to sheet labels. Knowing what you are printing on the label printers is important, so these machines come with LCD screens.

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