If you are in the market for labels, you have undoubtedly discovered that there are literally of hundreds, if not thousands, of label printers vying to snag you as a client. You know that there are some great options out there and that the law of averages indicates more than a few of the printers will be sub par. How can you distinguish a good label printer from a rank amateur?

There are no easy answers, but if you are looking for a good label printer, there are a few factors to keep in mind.

First, find a label printer who backs his or her work with an unconditional guarantee. This communicates the kind of confidence in one’s work that a lesser label printer is unlikely to have. It also allows you to move forward with some degree of comfort and protection.

Second, look for a label printer with experience and references. You need someone who has been through the process repeatedly and can handle your needs almost intuitively. Experience is not a guarantee of talent, but it is a very strong indicator. A good label printer will be willing to offer some references, as well.

Third, deal with alabel printer who will show you what he or she can do. Look for a portfolio and carefully review the printer’s past efforts. Make sure you are dealing with a label printer who can produce the kind of quality labels you need to help your business perform optimally.

Choosing a label printer from among the horde of possibilities can be a challenge, but by considering guarantees, experience and past work, you are more likely to find a good label printer than if you relied purely on instinct or made your decision exclusively based upon price.

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