If you are in the market for labels, you have probably discovered that there are scores of label manufacturers out there willing to take on your job. It can be overwhelming! How can one choose from among all of the available label manufacturers? What does separate great label manufacturers from the rest of the crowd?

There are few things that distinguish top-quality label manufacturers from other outfits. Let us look at a few of those characteristics.

First, experience matters. Veteran label manufacturers are generally better prepared to handle your job. They have “been there and done that.” Their background and knowledge allow them to handle a variety of jobs successfully. Inexperienced label manufacturers may have difficulties dealing with some issues for the first time.

Second, quality matters. Great label manufacturers use only the highest grade materials. This results in a better final project and higher levels of customer satisfactions. Lesser label manufacturers, including some of those who occupy the low end of the pricing spectrum, may rely on “seconds” or inferior materials to produce labels. One should avoid those who do not make quality a priority.

Third, customer service matters. Although your job may be simple to a veteran producer, the best label manufacturers provide every customer with top-notch service and are never dismissive of customer needs. Cut-rate providers may take an order, disappear, and eventually ship something. The best label manufacturers, on the other hand, are there with their customers every step of the way. They provide helpful input and information throughout the process.

Experience, quality and customer service are three factors that separate great label manufacturers from the rest of the pack. If you need labels, keep those three factors in mind when choosing a manufacturer.

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