There are hundreds of label printers vying for an increasing volume of label business. For those who don’t own their own business, or who are just starting with their own effort, that can be quite surprising. They may wonder “who needs all of these printed labels, anyway?”

That’s a fair question. Although almost all businesses rely on the use of printed labels, the reasons why they do so can often seem to drift into the background. They drift so far back, in fact, that many casual observes have no idea just how popular printed labels really are.

And they are important. In many fields, good printed labels truly are the difference between success and failure. This is especially true among the growing number of business in fields where compliance labelling has taken hold. In these situations, businesses are required to have special printed labels holding essential product information. Those who fail to meet standards may lose a great deal of business or face legal problems.

Labels are also increasing in importance because of the high levels of competition in the marketplace. Printed labels have become part of many marketing arsenals. A price tag used to be nothing more than a price tag. Today, however, that label may feature additional elements. Labels are great branding tool, presenting a consistent product image to prospective customers while enhancing “shelf appeal.”

Many businesses definitely need printed labels. Those businesses with compliance standards need great professional printed labels. Those in competitive industries where every marketing advantage will also find printed labels to be a necessity. Considering the size of both of those groups, it is no wonder the label industry continues to grow.

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