Label printing
may seem to be a purely pragmatic endeavour, to some. Labels impart information and their content is, thus, obviously important. Labels must be able to withstand the conditions to which they will be exposed, making quality another easy-to-spot consideration. Label printing, like all aspects of business, does have a cost component and price will always be at issue, too. However, attractive design is also important and cannot be overlooked. Consider these reasons why good design in important to label printing.

Information Delivery

As noted, information is at the heart of labelling. One places a label on an item in order to identify it or to convey information about it. At its heart, labelling is a matter of transmitting information. However, just having the information in place isn’t adequate. In order for the label to be a success, it must clearly convey that information. Design is, thus, a paramount concern. Factors like readability, usability and clarity cannot be overlooked.

Marketing and Branding

Labels aren’t just tags. They become part of the product once they are attached. This means that a label can be used to market and brand a product. Those who overlook design in label printing are missing an opportunity to increase sales and brand recognition. Smart label printing always keeps this “commercial” aspect of labelling under consideration.

Optimal label printing insures that information is clearly imparted to readers and serves to promote the product to which it is attached. When one becomes preoccupied with other considerations related to label printing at the expense of insuring good design, the result is inevitably disappointing.

If you are planning to create and/or purchase labels, remember that good design is important to label printing. While you are mulling over price, quality and content concerns, don’t lose track of design as you implement your label printing strategy.

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