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Telford based boiler manufacturers, Mistral Boilers have moved to help protect their customers from the consequences of the new SAP rating system, measuring carbon usage on all residential properties.

In a move which spells the end for hand written data labels on the back of appliances, Mistral have invested in a new Appliance Labelling Kit available from Etiquette Labels to ensure that all boiler data is clear and precise. The move protects customers by making variable information clearer to read. This will lessen the chances of customers facing harsh penalties for incorrect carbon usage information, derived from illegible handwritten information on the back of applicable appliances.

Gary Davis explains, “The kit is exactly what we were looking for, helping us to ensure that our customers do not have any unnecessary problems with the new SAP ratings, due to be introduced shortly. All residential properties will soon receive a rating based on their carbon usage, and making sure the information on our boilers is clear to read will ensure that penalties are not unfairly imposed on residents who use Mistral Boilers. Naturally, it also adds to the professionalism of our operations and we have been very happy with the way it has worked out”

“Complying with new regulation is one of the main reasons small to medium sized business are moving away from hand written labels”, says Etiquette Labels Sales Director Tom Bunce. “The Appliance Labelling Kit address this problem, providing the end user with the ability to overprint variable information onto labels in a cost effective and extremely professional fashion”.

With the clock ticking down to SAP carbon usage ratings, it is only a matter of time before all manufacturers affected by this issue will have to go down the same route to protect their customers from guess-timates and unfair penalties


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