Liverpool based alcoholic beverage producer "Shooters" has reported a 20% increase in line productivity following the design and installation of a unique "complete label wrap-around" solution for tapered tubes by UK labelling experts, Etiquette.

"There has been an enormous increase in productivity, efficiency and quality since the installation of a new line. We'd lost all hope of sourcing a solution that would work effectively with the unique size and shape of our tapered tubes", explains Shooters Managing Director Francis Smith.

"We have been able to increase output and subsequently profits by a considerable amount over the last 12 months, which in truth, is mainly down to Etiquette's machine. We are now considering installation of a further machine to cater for increasing demand". It is believed that Etiquette's complete wrap-around labelling solution for tapered tubes is the first of its kind within the UK.

The Shooter's plant now has the facility to label trays of its distinctive tapered tubes at a speed of 48 seconds per tray, a significant improvement from the time of 4 minutes per tray prior to installation. With the presence of another operator, the application is capable of providing a maximum speed of 24 seconds per tray. The application also provides Shooters with the flexibility to alter the size and shape of tapered tubes and labels.

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