Enter our "World of Labels"

World of Labels is the first (and only) industry-leading video series and vlog about the world of self adhesive labels! Join the Etiquette team as we take a weekly look at some of the amazing work we produce for our customers!

Episode 1 - Belton Farm & Nakasero

Each week we’ll be taking an in-depth look at some of the fantastic products that feature our labels and showcasing the work of some of our amazing customers! Happily that means we’ll get to eat lots of delicious food as well! Our first episode features some special cheese from Belton Farm and a delicious relish from Nakasero Foods Have a great weekend and be sure to tune in next week for the full episode!

Episode 2 - Plant and Co. Yoghurt

Episode 2 of our weekly series “World of Labels” sees Alex and Chris sampling some delicious dairy alternative yoghurt from “Plant & Co” – a new brand from leading manufacturers Meadow Foods. Who made the best use of Plant & Co Yoghurt in their dish? Alex or Chris?!

Episode 3 - Deerness Distillery

Episode 3 of our weekly series “World of Labels” sees Alex and Chris sampling handcrafted Gins from the award-winning Deerness Distillery. Join the gang as we talk about the labels we produce for these outstanding products and Alex comes up with a couple of cocktails of her own to showcase how to serve these fine gins.

 Which cocktail is your favourite?

Episode 4 - Eaten Alive

Join Chris and Alex for this weeks episode of World of Labels! The guys are taking a look at the labels we manufacture for the “Eaten Alive” range of raw fermented foods and trying out some of their recipes featured on the Eaten Alive website! 

Sit back and enjoy!

Episode 5 - Greedy Goat Ice Cream

This week Chris and Alex are trying some delicious Goats Milk Ice Cream from London-based producers Greedy Goat! Can Chris guess the flavours?!

For more information regarding the Greedy Goat range of flavours, please visit their website now!

Episode 6 - Harry Potter Birthday Special

Enter our Wizarding World of Labels! 

This week, in celebration of Harry Potters 41st Birthday, Chris and Alex are taking a look at some of the magical labels we produce for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy! Check out our Marauders Map inspired creation and see what happens when Alex drinks Polyjuice Potion!

Episode 7 - Orsom Cheese

On this weeks episode Chris, Alex and the rest of the Etiquette gang are trying out some delicious products from Orsom Cheese – a speciality brand from renowned British cheese manufacturers Joseph Heler. 

Which of the tasty flavours on offer will prove to be the favourite of the staff at Etiquette HQ? Watch now and find out!

Customer Interview - The Cornish Italian

We were joined in the studio by the Cornish Italian himself, Ugo Massabo to talk about his award-winning range of Tiramisu and fresh Pasta meals. Born in Italy and made in Cornwall, The Cornish Italian delivers top-notch cuisine directly to your doorstep – all with labels beautifully printed here at Etiquette!

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